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Niko Salminen

Senior Consultant, Hyperfocus Oy

Niko has been working in the IT industry in various-sized companies since 1999. He has had a long career as a software developer, starting with multimedia romps implemented in C++, eventually transitioning to becoming a full-stack JavaScript developer through Java and PHP. Nowadays, he focuses on training, coaching, and mentoring, ranging from team and individual levels to executive leadership.

Niko has been both a participant and a leader in many high-profile projects, such as Telia’s Design System, which was named on the Grand One shortlist. In his role as a Scrum Master, Niko helped grow a side project involving a few individuals into a collaborative effort for the entire international organization. The keys to success were identifying common goals, actively engaging users, and enabling team autonomy.

In addition to coaching and coding, Niko has shared knowledge and understanding through mentoring and training. He was one of the founding members of the Koodikummit mentoring program, launched in 2016, which evolved into Switch Case ry in 2023, supporting individuals interested in entering the IT industry. As a trainer, Niko provides technical training on topics ranging from databases to React, as well as all aspects of agility – and, of course, integrating these two worlds. In addition to a deep understanding of agile mindset and principles, Niko is well-versed in popular frameworks such as Scrum and SAFe.

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