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Sarah Aalborg

IT Security and Behavioral Science Expert & CISO, Tivoli, Denmark

Sarah has over 20 years of work experience in the field of IT and information security. Sarah’s most recent position is as the Chief Information Security Officer & Head of IT Governance at Tivoli since 2022. Prior to that, she worked at DSB as a Senior IT Security Advisor, where she combined her expertise in behavioral science and IT security to implement security measures and engage with users. Before that, Sarah held roles at Novozymes, including Information Security Risk Manager, Security Awareness Manager, and Security Project Manager, where they focused on managing security programs, minimizing risks, and delivering on security strategies. Over the years, Sarah has been involved in multiple IAM implementations. She specializes in using her knowledge of the human brain and behavioral sciences to gain traction and engagement during the implementation and rollout of IT security controls.

Tulevat koulutukset, vetäjänä Sarah Aalborg